About the Project

Asia Granada, known to the world as AsiaG, began learning to code in 2016, vowing to record a video about everything she learned, so others can learn with her.

Daniel Kehoe is an experienced technologist, teacher, and writer, who began answering AsiaG's questions, and soon found himself helping to make videos.

Together, AsiaG and Daniel Kehoe are on a mission to make application development accessible to everyone. The video tutorials are for entrepreneurs, career changers, and anyone else who wants to make an impact in the digital economy. Our perspective is diverse and worldwide; we believe anyone can learn to code.

Our Bios


Asia Granada has a talent for demanding explanations and presenting the answers in a way anyone can understand. She grew up in the city of Davao in the Philippines and graduated from Ateneo de Davao University with a degree in International Studies.

Daniel Kehoe

Daniel Kehoe has been part of the development of the Web since its beginnings in 1991, as one of the first participants in Tim Berner-Lee's www-talk forum. Daniel is a former writer and editor at PC WORLD and NeXTWORLD magazines in San Francisco, where he became known for writing about technology in a lively and entertaining style. He began consulting as a web application developer in 1995, consulted as a CTO to various small and mid-sized enterprises, and served as technical cofounder in various long-forgotten startups. He is best known as the author of the popular book, Learn Ruby on Rails.